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Wedding Owl Fail

A stunt owl who was hired to deliver rings at a wedding ceremony decided to make a run/fly for it but didn’t count on there being a window in his escape exit.

PSST Don’t fear animal lovers, Max the owl was fine, just a nasty headache.


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Shawstank Redemption

toiletWhat would you do to escape from prison? Hmm, well I’m guessing it wouldn’t involve crawling through a communal toilet. Unfortunately for the Brazilian prisoner who slid through excrement and urine to make his great escape, he was caught and thrown back in his cell still caked in it. Oh the humanity.

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Epic Penguin Escape Plan Fail

Oh come on little penguins, the first rule of escaping is not to leave wet footprints…. just saying.


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Fairytale Fail

A cow who realised he was heading to the Cincinnati slaughterhouse decided to make a run for for freedom. He took off down the main drag with the golden arches in his sights. He was nearly at McDonalds when he was shot down in a hail of bullets. Oh well, no Big Mac and fries for him.


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A Million Cockroaches

A Million Cockroaches escapeQuick pass the spray people of Dafeng in China, there are a million friggin roaches on the loose.Yep, they escaped from a greenhouse where they were being bred for medicinal purposes. Hmm, yummy.


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Vivienne and Feisty’s Excellent Adventure

Oh yeah!

Two seals named Vivienne and Feisty had a little wander down the streets of Minnesota after their zoo flooded. The pair had a great old time until their zookeepers rounded them up and drove them back home. Meanwhile the resident polar bear missed out on the city tour  only managing to escape her enclosure. A dart in the bum saw her  sleeping it off in her holding area.


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Twin Makes A Great Escape From Crib

Oh my, someone has her hands full. Might have to get the duct tape….kidding!!! Sheez, tough crowd. As for twin number 2, someone has to man the fort!

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That’s a Lot!

You know what I hate? When 164 friggin drug addicts over power guards at a detention centre in Vietnam and escape. I really friggin hate that! Many of the inmates sprinted into the sugarcane fields chucking rocks, bricks and sticks at the police who were in hot pursuit with their tear gas. In the end 130 of the 164 were recaptured but 34 still remain on the loose. Dude, chill!

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What The Hell For?


Feet up everybody, more than 160 friggin cobras have escaped from an illegal breeding laboratory in China. Locals in the town of Shijiao have been scared shitless after the deadly reptiles started making cameo appearances in houses, toilets and even kitchens. Cai Yong has admitted to authorities that he has been raising around 1,900 of the friggin things in an abandoned schoolhouse. So far most of the snakes have been killed but 5 or 6 of them are playing hard to get.

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