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Catch Me If You Can

Weren't there three of us?

If you happen to see a young penguin frolicking in the Kyu-Edo River, no worries, that’s just an escapee from the Tokyo Sea Life Park . The little Humboldt critter scaled a wall to freedom and is now enjoying the good life. Park officials have tried in vain to catch the penguin but it’s a shifty little bugger and swims at incredibly fast speed. Good luck with that!


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Wrong Man Killed

OK, here’s the thing Tamik Kirkland, if you are going to break out of prison to kill the father of the man who murdered your mother, try  to shoot the right guy. Kirkland broke out of prison to revenge his mom’s death by killing the barber (who is the father of one of his enemies). Unfortunately his aim was a bit askew and he only managed to wound the man but kill a client sitting in the barber’s chair waiting to have his hair cut. Kirkland was seriously injured following a police shoot out .


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Hey, Has anyone seen the Corrections Van?

If you happen across a guy with a mole on the left side of his face, no bottom teeth , wearing a blue prison inmate jumpsuit and driving a white  Florida Corrections van the police may want a quick word. Oh and he responds to the name James Russell but I wouldn’t try calling out to him if I were you.


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Another Reason Why Smoking Is Dangerous

No, no, no, this is all wrong. Police are on the look out for a pregnant inmate Brittany Yaden who escaped from a hospital after going outside to have a cigarette while hooked to a friggin heart monitor. Say what? OK, who the hell lets someone have a cigarette after they complained about heart problems? Yaden was at the hospital receiving treatment when she popped outside and straight into a waiting vehicle. See, that’s how ya do it.


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Crushing Blow For Escapee

OK, here’s the thing jail escapee, don’t be using a garbage truck compactor for your getaway, you’ll end up crushed and in landfill. The body of Carlos Roberto Medina-Bailon was found in a Texas landfill after he used the garbage disposal system in an El Paso jail to make his escape. He hid in a dumpster until the garbage truck arrived. Hmm, you can pretty much guess the rest. Compactor 1, escapee 0.


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