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That’s a Lot!

You know what I hate? When 164 friggin drug addicts over power guards at a detention centre in Vietnam and escape. I really friggin hate that! Many of the inmates sprinted into the sugarcane fields chucking rocks, bricks and sticks at the police who were in hot pursuit with their tear gas. In the end 130 of the 164 were recaptured but 34 still remain on the loose. Dude, chill!

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Fugitives In Sheep’s Clothing

Hey, suckers!

Two ingenious Argentinian prison escapees have avoided capture by dressing up as sheep. Yes, robbers Maximiliano Pereyra and Ariel Diaz stole a couple of sheep hides (including the heads) from a ranch last week after making a run for it  and have since avoided capture by placing the hides over their bodies  and  mingling amongst the flock. So far the two are still on the loose having evaded the 300 strong police search team. Locals have admitted seeing them running through the fields at night but during the day it’s near impossible to spot them among the thousands of sheep.

Psst So if they get caught will they end up behind bahs?


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