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Loon Has Returned To The Land Of The Living

Yes, the Loon is back in her box, having spent a week frolicking in the most incredibly awful beaches Australia has to offer ….. kidding

Albany beach


Esperance beach

Resident sea lion on beach

Resident sea lion 

I mean resident lazy assed sea lion

I mean resident lazy assed sea lion

Kitty made friends

Kitty made friends


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Break In Transmission

Friggin Loon in EsperanceWe interrupt this blog to bring you an urgent news report. The Loon will be reporting from Albany and Esperance for the next few days. Oh yeah!



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Esperance to Have It’s Own Stonehenge

Attention all Druids, Solstice celebrators and general crazies there will soon be a new Stonehenge in town,well, in a town in Western Australia. The seaside town of Esperance will soon be home to the world’s first full size stone replica of the mysterious prehistoric monument which is located in Wiltshire, England. OMG , well that’s going to confuse the shit of the aliens ? OK, I know you are all really dying to know how this came about…OK, maybe not but here goes. Originally Margaret River entrepreneur Ross Smith had ordered the whole Stonehenge thingy but his $1.4 million project went kaboom, leaving the Esperance’s AustralAsian Granite quarry with a shit load of Stonehenge shaped rocks. So the quarry offered the whole kit and kaboodle to the town of Esperance (less hauling costs no doubt). So anywho, after a bit of deliberation the council have given the idea the thumbs up and have also agreed (in principle) to provide land near Twilight Beach. Oh and yippee hippes, there is already talks underway about summer solstice parties and the likes.

Psst It should look pretty, they are using pink granite to match their lake.


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