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Mexican Girl Gets Her Wish

Lucky I guess

Well loons sometimes it does pay off. Remember that Mexican girl who went on a hunger strike in the hope she would get an invite to the Royal wedding? Yeah her. Well evidently it worked, Estibalis Chavez is going.Some rich dude, Octavio Fitch Lazo, has put up the money. She won’t be actually hobnobbing with the elite but she will be waving outside Westminster Abbey with the rest of the mob.


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Random Wants Invite To Royal Wedding

What to do?

How far would you go to get an invite to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding? Well, some Mexican teenager is on a friggin hunger strike demanding an invitation. Yep, you heard me, hunger strike! Estibalis Chavez (19) has been plonked herself in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City (with her tent) for 9 days (so far) and is refusing to eat a thing until she gets her own way. Sheez, as if Estibalis, do you have any idea how long Kate had to friggin wait just to get Will’s  mummy’s ring on her finger?

Psst Hmm, guess she won’t be needing one of these Royal Wedding Sick Bags then.


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