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Britain to Exit European Union

The people have spoken and it is ciao, auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, bon voyage, see ya don’t want to be ya.


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Is England abandoned a sinking ship?

Pendulum swings like a pendulum do...

David Cameron  is experiencing the French cold shoulder after vetoing a new EU power grab.  Cameron has said no, no, no, to a new  European treaty after they refused to agree to protect City of London if it all goes kaboom! Hmm and lets face it, why would Britain, who is relatively protected from the debt ridden Europe, want to board a sinking ship?

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Bee Crisis Scaring European Politicians

I don't feel well!!!

Seems my doomsday work is never done. Just when you thought the Eurpoean economic crisis was going to be the end of the civilised world as we know it, up pops the friggin honey bee crisis once again! The pollination woes are such a major concern to European politicians they are begging the European Union (EU) to invest more funding into why the bees are dying on mass. Hmm, Albert Einstein’s little prediction seems to scaring the living beejeesus out of them “without bees, man would live no more than four years.”

Psst Dear lord, does that mean I will be forced to put Vegemite on my toast instead of honey ?


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