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Cyprus imposes tax on people with bank accountsCyprus is in so much financial trouble it has imposed a 9.9% tax on all bank accounts over 100,000 Euro and 6.7% on anything under. Hell yes, people are withdrawing their cash faster than a leopard on a treadmill but the bastards have already preempted the move and have  placed restrictions on people emptying their accounts. The idea to raid people’s bank accounts was the brainchild of the European finance chiefs who fear if Cyprus goes kaput it could potentially destroy the Euro dollar. Run people, run.


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Greece Is The Word

The drachma might be making a comeback if all goes well in this weekends Greek election. Bye bye Euro.Yep, Greece maybe the first country to ditch the Euro as it struggles to stay afloat. What will this mean to the rest of the world? A global financial meltdown like no other. What does it mean to Greece? A default on its debts and then possibly  a nice comfy possie at the bottom of the European ladder for eternity.Opa!!! Zeus must be rolling in his grave cloud.


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