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They Wouldn’t , Would They?

Eiffel Towewr evacuated after bomb scareGeez, crickey, could Al Qaeda be behind the Eiffel Tower bomb scare ? Sacrebleu. 1,500 people had to make their way calmly to the exits after some dastardly person rang police warning that bombs had been placed around the landmark. Authorities are concerned it is the work of al Qaeda, who are a tad pissed at the French intervention in the African state of Mali . Hmm, me thinks it sounds more like le kiddies .  Hello, al Qaeda are a terrorist organisation they wouldn’t ring.

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US Braces For Mother of All Storms

The mother of all storms is heading straight for the US and millions have been told to evacuate. From New York to Washington to Boston, people have been told to get the hell out of its way.  No one knows exactly what will  happen when Hurricane Sandy smashes into two other nasty weather systems but experts predict massive rain dumps (over 30cm), howling  winds of over 80m/h and  a deadly wall of water up to 3.3m high. Thoughts and prayers to all in its wake. Stay safe.

This is what Hurricane Sandy looks like from space …


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Bomb Scare At Detroit McDonalds

McDonald’s patrons were forced to leave their Big Macs and fries and exit stage left after a suspicious looking bottle with wires protruding from it was found in the bathroom of a Detroit store. Staff evacuated everyone fearing it was a bomb and called the cops. The bomb squad was later seen exiting the building with a brown paper bag (Hmm, Maccas to go?). No word on what the suspicious looking object was but I’m guessing it was a bong !


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CBS Evacuated

Run famous people, run!!! Police have evacuated CBS building in Hollywood after a suspicious white powder spilled out of a letter. Damn straight al Qaeda hate David Lettermen. Hmm, just don’t tell them he works out of New York. No word on who the letter was addressed to but it wasn’t Nancy or Chaz.

Psst Hollywood. White powder. I have a fair idea what it probably is!


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No Need To Panic


When Reagan Airport in Washington DC lost radio contact with a Piedmont Airlines flight today they went a little 9/11, scrambling fighter jets, evacuating the US Capitol building and basically freaking the hell out. But anywho, it was all a false alarm, the plane finally made contact with controllers and landed without incident. Hmm, I’m guessing the therapist will be busy this week!

Psst Isn’t Obama holidaying in Hawaii?


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Ring Of Fire


OK, if you live anywhere within kooee of the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra you might want to think about getting the hell out of there, the damn thing is about to blow. The volcano has already spewed smoke and ash 1.5km into the air (hello people, remember Pompeii !!!) and a thick blanket of black smoke has covered the area. Singabung hasn’t popped it’s lid for over 400 years but officials have put the island on red alert. So far 12,000 people have been evacuated.

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Another Bomb in Time Square But This Time It’s Not a Musical

WTF, while the mouse is away. Here I was thinking nothing ever happens on a Sunday and Kaboom a friggin Time Square lock down, car bombs, panic and mayhem. Damn you. OK, so I am the last to know, but I have to write something about it right? So far the New York police have zilch, nada, zip on who was behind the homemade explosive device planted in a SUV parked outside a Broadway Theatre. But hello New York….another wake-up call.Them terrorist are sneaky little buggers. You gotta do more than just keep your eye on the ball on New Years eve people! OK, here’s what we know, the SUV had Connecticut license plates (registered to a Ford F-150), they found a box which contained two gas cans, three propane tanks, electric wires, black powder and a timing device. There is a second box in the SUV but police are yet to open it (just in case Kaboom!). Oh and mister or miss terrorist, authorities say the bomb looked amateurish, so there!


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Stinking Wal-Mart Customers

Geez hon, could have saved it for later!

The people of Wal-Mart can be such kidders. Take for instance the 51 year old man who waltzed into the South Kitsap Wal-Mart and threw around “Stink Bombs” liquid and sprayed “Super Fart Spray” amongst the shoppers. What a scream! Blahaha, some of the 75 shoppers even noticed the stench and evacuated pretty damn smartly  (while others took a little more time blaming their spouses). Anywho, the smell was friggin gag worthy and the fire department was called in to investigate. They eventually found the culprit who bragged he had more stinky shit in his car. When asked why he did it,  he replied because he thought it would be funny. Damn straight it was funny! He’s definitely a keeper!


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