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You Can Never Be Too Careful

crime-scene-2Step away from the suspicious bag . New Yorker Port Authority police were left a little red faced after they discovered a sus silver bag behind a barrier at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station and evacuated the area. Enter the canine unit and explosives experts who determined the offending item was in fact a box full of assorted condoms. As you were, nothing to see here.


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It Says Kaboom, Run!!!!

It has been nearly a week but I have finally found a dumbass story from friggin Ohio, home of Bearman. When a suspicious aluminum rod with the word “Kaboom” was found in the Akron City Hall building, everyone made a mad dash for the exits. Turns out the suspicious item was a an expandable shower rod used as a walking stick by none other than a man who’s surname is Kaboom.

Want sauce with that?


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German City Evacuated After Discovery of Two WWII Bombs

The sins of the past continue to haunt Germany with two large unexploded World War II bombs being discovered in a river in the city of Koblenz. The discovery forced 50,000 residents to be evacuated, including people from 7 nursing homes, 2 hospitals and inmates from a prison. The bombs, one a 1.8 tonne British device and the other a 125kg American device had been lying in the river for 60 odd years waiting to go kaboom. The bombs were discovered when the water level dropped due to drought conditions. So far 28  bombs have been discovered since 1999. Last year three bomb experts died trying to defuse a bomb in Lower Saxony and another three people were killed when a 500kg bomb exploded during construction of a sports stadium. Evidently around 1 in 10 bombs dropped in Germany during World War II didn’t explode.

Psst Why haven’t the German waterways been swept for unexploded bombs?


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Well That’s Friggin Stuffed!

OK, hands up the fool who left a large cuddly toy in the middle of a field near the M27.  Come on people, some poor women thought it was a friggin escaped white tiger . A golf course was evacuated, a cricket match stopped,  tranquilizer darts loaded, armed police dispatched and a thermal imaging helicopter scrambled. Police only discovered the tiger was a friggin toy when the wind from the helicopter blades blew it over. Taxpayers will be pleased.


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The Forgotten Ones

Saddest story you will hear all day. 75 year old Kunio Shiga has been living alone in his farmhouse 12 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan since the tsunami hit. Stranded in a unheated home without electricity he can only manage to walk a short distance. He has no idea what happened to his wife and he is surrounded by mud and rotting carcasses of dead pigs. His village is a ghost town.No one came to rescue him when the area was evacuated and has been living on scraps. When discovered by a reporter and two photographers from the  Associated Press on Friday he asked “Do you have any food? I will pay you.” A shocked news team gave him water and several health bars and promised to notify authorities of his location. He told them he was aware of the evacuation but he could barely walk and no one came to help him. There is no word yet on whether he has been rescued.

Want sauce with that?


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Fears Over Nuclear Reactors

OK, no need to panic people of Japan but if you happen to live near a nuclear power plant, run!!!! Despite official reports that the plants are not leaking radiation, following the whopper earthquake, US air force personnel have been spotted delivering coolant. That can’t be good! Hmm, seems the problem is if the level of water drops in the pumps at the Fukushima reactor and can no longer cool the uranium then they could have a Chernobyl on their hands! As if they haven’t suffered enough!  Residents living in a 3 km radius have been told to evacuate, just in case. Evacuate to where?

UPDATE : The amount of radiation has reached 1,000 time the normal level in No 1 reactor and it is feared they may have to release radioactive steam into the air to ease pressure build up. Evacuations are underway.

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Feet Up Everybody

Sticky end!

For three weeks tenants of a German apartment block have been living elsewhere thanks to a deadly pet miniature cobra. The highly venomous reptile, which was no thicker than a pencil, escaped it’s terrarium on March 18 causing the evacuation of the residents. Authorities responded by blocking off the street and stripping the owner’s attic apartment. When they failed to find the evil little creature  the building was sealed in the hope of starving it to death. Finally after three weeks the mini cobra was found dead, stuck to a strip of tape. The snake’s owner is now facing a $134,000 bill for the rescue effort and the wrath of angry neighbors.


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Space Junk On Collison Course With Space Station

Most excitement we've had up here in ages!

Holy flying space junk Batman. Duck astronauts, a piece of space junk is heading your way. NASA are friggin freaking over a piece of space debris heading straight towards the International Space Station. The two man crew are unaware of the imminent danger just yet but at 10 am they sure will be, because that is the time NASA intends to tell them to get the hell into the friggin Soyuz escape pod. Possible projected impact time is around 1.17pm so that will give them a good 3 hours to panic! Ah I know what you are thinking, move the friggin space station, hmm, they already thought of that but it is all too late! I bet the three astronauts who came back down to earth on Tuesday are thanking their lucky stars they aren’t still up there.

Psst The junk is believed to be  from a Russian satellite that collided with a U.S. satellite on Feb 10.


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They Don’t Do Humor!

Stuff "Save the Dream" I'm outta here!!!

Stuff "Save the Dream" I'm outta here!!!

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen to find an abandoned  lunchbox and you so kindly hand it to a security guard don’t be telling him “This is not mine. I hope it doesn’t explode.” Exit friggin hundreds of “Save the Dream” Phoenix Convention Center goers while the bomb squad arrive. Whoops, my bad?

Psst Since when have terrorists used lunchboxes?


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