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Gator Bait

I’m sorry lady, but when a gator punctures a hole in your inflatable kayak because you decided to paddle around in a remote area of Florida’s alligator infested Everglades don’t be ringing no 911. Oh, you did. Stupid is as stupid does.



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Honey, I Think Something Moved Over There

What the hell is wrong with you Florida? A park ranger had to kill a 17ft Burmese python that had taken a fancy to picnickers in the Everglades. This is not what you want!!!!



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Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Pet python kills sleeping 2 year oldOK for starters who would want to own a 12ft long albina Burmese python? Hmm, OK people, if you do have one, make sure it is in a secure location. A two year old Florida girl is dead after a man’s pet python escaped from it’s aquarium and attacked her while she was sleeping. It is believed the snake went into her room, bit her head before wrapping itself around her.You see, I don’t call that a pet! Evidently the Everglades have become a dumping ground for pet pythons who have become too friggin scary to keep. Geez, it has been reported one python exploded after trying to eat an alligator.


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