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Evil Kitty

I got rights

I got rights

Apologies, Claudi-ass disconnected my internet and I had to crawl under my desk, broken glass,  Harry Potter figurine, and my disapproving Mao Tse-tung statue to access connection. Bad kitty.


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Half A Man Speaks

Oh for crying out loud, the actor who plays Jake on Two and Half Men has gone all self righteous and hypocritical it seems,  after he discovered religion. Angus T Jones  filmed a video rant telling “true God-fearing” people  to stop watching the show because it’s basically evil. Hmm, yet despite his rant he hasn’t quit   Two And A Half Men and is quite happy to pocket the $300,000 per ep. He might want to give Kirk Cameron a ring.


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Friggin Evil Clown

Look away loons, it’s another scary clown story. Yep, Jose Guadalupe Jimenez has just reconfirmed everything I suspected about these terrifying creatures. The professional clown (aka”El Tin Larin”) has  been accused of kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl while still in his full friggin stage make-up and mask in 2002. It evidently took DNA for the police to make the arrest as the only description the girl could give at the time was he “was a clown”.

Want sauce with that?

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Fred Phelps Plans To Picket Tuscon Funerals

Oh for crying out loud, who let the asshole out? Hmm, why doesn’t bad things happen to bad people . Fred Phelps rants on YouTube about congress woman Gabrielle Giffords ….


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Show Me Your Tittays

This one is for Jammers …..


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Friggin Pheasants

John and Carol Tucker are people living in fear, fear of a vicious friggin pheasant. The nasty bird lies in wait at the front entrance of their home in Branscombe, Devon, ready to launch an assault.The situation has become so bad Mr Tucker has to leave his house via a back window or face being ripped to spreads by the pheasant’s claws and beak. Despite being under siege every day by the testosterone pumping bully bird Mr Tucker refuses to make a meal of him ‘I picked him up and thought “I could just wring your neck”. But as he looked at me with his brown eyes I knew I couldn’t ever do it.’

Psst Dare you not to laugh at this photo… Mr Tucker Vs Friggin Pheasant


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Get Those Creepy Bollards Away From Me!!!!!

Here's what I am talking about!

Here's what I am talking about!

Leicester City Council have been scaring the shit out motorists ever since they placed creepy looking lifelike-ish plastic “child bollards” near schools to slow down drivers. It is suppose to trick the driver into thinking there is a child about to cross the road but so far it has only succeeded in scaring the living daylights out of them. One resident says the eyes are scary and he gets freaked every time he walks by them at night! Another local claims they look like the Autons from Doctor Who and even a council member admitted they look like something out of the movie Children Of The Damned. The council paid £350 each for the little suckers and they are hoping it will encourage driver safety. Good luck with that!

Psst They remind me of these freaky things that I found  lurking in a park .




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