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Well I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle!

See, you should be thanking me!

Well guys, count your blessings you haven’t got tiny spines on your penises. Scientists believe the key to evolution is man’s ability NOT to grow spines ,unlike our buddies the chimpanzees. These little lumps on the chimp’s junk are made of keratin, the same stuff as your fingernails and have kept them swinging in trees. Hmm  and women, count your lucky stars men don’t have them, those friggin spines hurt. They are designed to damage the female chimp’s vagina so she doesn’t go off and mate with another male immediately after sex.

Want sauce with that?


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This Is As Good As It Gets

The Future of Mankind

The Future of Mankind

Good news and bad news story alert!  Bad news first. According to  Professor Steve Jones, of University College London  we  have come to the end of the evolution line. We are not going to be evolving into any superhuman beings anytime soon. In fact bets are this as good as it is gonna get.  Hmm good news, at least we aren’t going to unevolve . And for all you racists out there, it seems that the future of man is brown. Yes, as the world becomes one big global mass  and the world interbreeds with other ethnic groups odds are the population will be just one color, brown! Ah but at least it will be varying shades of brown.
But don’t get too depressed, spare a thought for the other animals of this planet,  their future looks rather bleak. A survey has revealed a quarter of the world’s mammals face extinction.Scientists have determined that about  5,487 species of mammals are on the hit list as we (the unevolving homosapiens) destroy their habitats and hunt them down. Feel like breeding much?

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