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Should Have Used A Battering Ram!

Probably not the best weapon of choice but a woman in Florida has been arrested for wholloping her ex with a mounted deer head…or to be more precise the antlers from the mounted deer head. Chelsea Harrison and Terry Nowakowski,who both live together for the sake of their 3 year old (and financial reasons), got into a tiff after Mr Nowakowski went outside to call his new flame. Ms Harrison, who was not amused, locked him out, grabbed  the deer head  and  attacked him with the antlers as he tried to get back in. Oh deer, that’s a domestic battery charge right there!


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Jailed For Texting To Herself

Jeanne Mundango Manunga (25) has been sentenced to a year in jail for sending threatening text messages to herself. OK, the problem was she blamed the nasty messages on her ex-boyfriend and sister-in-law and then friggin reported it to police. Fool bought herself a pre-paid phone under her sister-in-laws name and then started sending messages to herself. The sister-in-law was arrested three friggin times over the incidents and at one stage couldn’t afford bail.


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Penis Stabber Gets Jail

Oooh ouch!

OK, here’s the thing ex boyfriend of Tatiana Bastos, don’t be telling her you have a new girlfriend while driving or she’ll plunge a 6″ kitchen knife into your penis. Ms Bastos has been jailed for 32 months after she attacked Mr Morais with a knife and then later tried to cover it up by claiming  he had sexually assault her. In handing down the sentence the judge said it was a “wicked thing to do.”  Hmm, ya think?

Psst Who has a 6 inch kitchen knife in their car?


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Size Does Matter

Bitch reduce it in photoshop, I swear!

A woman’s scorn people. I bet this Swedish guy rued the day he ditched his girlfriend for another woman. As revenge, the 18 year old posted pictures of the ex’s “little” penis all over lampposts in his neighborhood. Included with the image was the ex lover’s name and address and very brief description of his genitals. Oh,hang on I haven’t finished just yet. She also allegedly posted pictures of the new girlfriend around town, under the title “slut”.This was followed up by an egging of the ex’s car. All and all a successful day.


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