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Was Yassar Arafat Murdered?

Remember the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat? Well, his body is going to be exhumed next week. Seems a few month ago a Swiss lab discovered a lethal radioactive substance in biological traces on Arafat’s clothing (supplied by his wife) which may explain his sudden illness and death in a French military hospital in 2004.  Many Palestinians believe Arafat was murdered by the Israelis. No good will come of this.


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I See Dead People

Now who am I going to play cards with?

Living with a corpse seems to be more popular than I thought. The latest “can’t live without them” case involves a 91 year old widow from the US who not only was found living with her dead embalmed hubby but also her dead embalmed twin sister. Jean Stevens had both bodies dug up and placed in her home . Her husband’s corpse  had been living with her for 10 years while her sister was a recent addition. Hubby was on a couch in the detached gargage and sis was dressed in her favorite housecoat on the couch in  spare room. She would chat with them and do their hair just like they were still alive. If it wasn’t for a rotten stinking, relative who dobbed her into police she would still be enjoying their company.


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Check Mate

Remember Bobby Fischer? Nope? Oh well,he’s was the ridiculously brilliant chess champ who ended up becoming a recluse for about 20 years, ditched as an American citizen and received with open arms by Iceland.Well anywho, it seems he may have left a legacy after his death. A Filipino woman says Bobby Fischer is the father of her 9 year old daughter, Jinky Young. And whats more she has won the right to have his body exhumed and DNA tested to prove her claim. Several other people are also contesting his estate including a wife, two Us nephews and the US government. Good luck with that. Fischer is buried at the Laugardaelir Church cemetery in southern Iceland.


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Leonardo Da Vinci To Be Exhumed

She could be a he!

I’m not really sure if I care, but scientists are hoping to exhume the body of Leonardo Da Vinci so they can reconstruct his face and prove one way or another if the Mona Lisa is a self portrait.  Now all they have to do is find his skull. Here’s the thing people, Leo was originally buried in a church that was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1789 and his remains were carted over to the smaller chapel of Saint Hubert at Amboise Castle and reburied. DNA testing will have to be done to confirm the identity of the remains as the inscription on the tomb says “presumed” to be the master’s. It could be friggin anyone’s!

Psst Still no cure for cancer.


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