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Storm Chasers Killed by Twister

Storm chasers among dead in tornadoThree storm chasers experts featured on the Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers,” were among the 13 people who died in the latest violent tornado strikes. Tim Samaras and Carl Young , along with Mr. Samaras’s son Paul, died while they were out filming a twister in Oklahoma. Matt Grzych who worked with Mr Samaras said “These were not amateurs. They knew what they were doing and they were extremely careful” . RIP


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Venice the Sinking City

Feet up Venetians, seems the “Floating City” is sinking faster than Courtney Stodden’s career. Despite experts believing Venice will eventually become a diver’s paradise, they can’t put an exact date on when tourists will have to start wearing waders. Basically all they know is the city is sinking 5 times faster than they originally thought and by that they mean, instead of 4 cms every 100 years it could be sinking as much as 20cm ever 100 years. And still no cure for cancer!!!


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So Dan Brown Wasn’t Full Of Shit!

That cheeky little Da Vinci has been messing with us again. Art experts have discovered a friggin code in the Mona Lisa’s eyes that are only visible by magnifying glass. Seems Dan Brown was right about Leonardo’s love of placing secret codes and symbols in his art works. Evidently Mona’s right eye contains the letters LV and her left eye the letters C and E (or B). No one is quite sure what the letters mean but some experts believe it may be a clue to the real identity of Mona Lisa (or his bicycle lock combination?). The discovery was made after Luigi Borgia found a book in an antique shop describing how the eyes of the Mona Lisa were filled with secret signs. Hmm, you would have thought someone would have discovered it before now  , how many times has the painting been friggin forged for goodness sakes?


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Honey, What The Hell Did You Do To The Prawns?


OMG, seems Oregon has a slight problem with its shrimp, it’s glowing in the friggin dark! But never fear, that luminescent glow coming from your pink shrimp is just a non harmful marine bacteria so says the experts. Hmm, try explaining that to the woman who was watching a movie one night and her shrimp salad began glowing  or the dude who threw them in the sink to thaw and moments later had an illuminating kitchen.

Psst A curious loon wants to know if you eat too much will your poop glow? Come on, I know you were all thinking it too!!!!


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Is Nothing Sacred?

Is it cheap?

If you are Scottish you might want to look away NOW. During a blind taste test of whisky, organized by the Times newspaper at the annual Burn’s Night festivities, to everyone’s shock horror the winner was a Taiwanese brand. Dear god. I kid you not, the Asian whisky Kavalan scored the highest with 27.5 from a possible 40 by friggin whisky experts. Ironically the Taiwanese whisky isn’t available in the UK (probably for good reasons). OK and whisky lovers, I know you are dying to find out who came where, here are the results Kavalan (27.5) , Langs (22) , King Robert (20), English (15.5). The loser with a grand total of 4.5 was Bruichladdich X4+3 which was described as “Not cooking oil. Not diesel oil. Sewing machine oil.”

Psst Oh and just in case Bearman whinges about the spelling of whiskey, I am using the proper English spelling version.


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