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Why You Should Never Use a Convenient Store Microwave

One more times Loons, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT use a 7-Eleven microwave to heat up a urine sample. A woman in Colorado did and it went kaboom. Yep, the plastic bottle exploded and lined the oven with yellow, smelly pee. When confronted by staff, the woman wiped the pee onto the floor and walked out. Say it ain’t so.


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Bouncy House Goes Kaboom

bouncy house explodesMove over exploding oxygen tank we have a new winner and it’s a bouncy castle. Yep, the inflatable  house kaboomed in a park while kiddies were jumping around inside. Some were trapped and injured and will probably have some great phobias for life.


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Teen Buys Live Bomb Over Internet

Note to self , do not buy a live bomb over the internet. Luke Stillman lost several fingertips and received horrific burns after a Spanish 81mm mortar he bought from a military dealer went kaboom . The 16 year old believed the mortar to be deactivated when he began to tinker with it. The live bomb was sent by Royal Mail through the post.


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I Hope He Didn’t Spill Any!

Finally a multitasking bank robber, sheez, I was starting to loose faith in humanity. A man in Springfield was seen sipping on a beer whilst running away from a bank he allegedly robbed. Unfortunately the dude’s excellent adventure came to a grinding halt after the red dye pack the teller had slipped into his bag of fake bills went kaboom and covered him in red dye. Police took him back to the bank so a witness could identify him. Doh!


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Merry Friggin Christmas

A woman in the Philippines died instantly after her Christmas present exploded. Sheez, the damn pressie contained a friggin bomb. The poor thing was killed on the spot when it kaboomed right in her face as she opened it. Who would do something like that? The present was sent to the family home in Manila.


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It Was Bound To Happen



A Cambodian man has killed not only himself but his entire family after he tried removing explosives from a bomb he had scavenged. Hmm, that’s what tends to happen when you try and pound the thing out, people. Kaboom! Leng Hatha, who earned money from selling metal from unexploded bombs, killed himself , his pregnant wife and young daughter. When police arrived at his home they found hundreds of live bombs lying around  his home.


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