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Stupid Is

Just letting you know loons, if you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up petrol from your boot this is likely to happen….

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Another Fine Mess

pooYou know what I hate? When you are out shopping and a septic tanker explodes covering you in poo. I really hate that. Several Chinese shoppers were given a feces shower after a septic tanker went kaboom. One shop owner was traumatized after all of his merchandise was covered in the stinking brown liquid. A spokesman said the crap came from public toilets. Good to know.


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Inflatable Duck Explodes

Oh no, the 60ft inflatable duck that has been part of a travelling art installation has popped in Taiwan. The big yellow ducky by artist Florentijn Hofman had been doing the rounds of several Asian ports before coming to a deflating end just before New Year. There have been several theories on why the duck burst but the best would have to be it was popped by the talons of a confused eagle … and/or  the unseasonal sunshine messed with its internal pressure. Kaboom!


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Breast Implant Explosion

Woman's breast implants ruptureJust a little word of warning for women with breast implants. It seems spending four hours on your stomach playing a game on your cell phone can cause them to explode. Just ask the Beijing woman. But on the bright side she can now finish the game without the fear of kaboobing (see what I did there?).

Psst I bet she was playing friggin Candy Crush!!!


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Dangerous Dessert

Refund at table 9!

OK, here’s the thing person preparing the dessert Bananas Foster, be really careful how much alcohol you use or it could go kaboom! Four people in Florida were hospitalized for burns after the dessert exploded at a restaurant. The flaming dish, which includes bananas, ice cream, rum and banana liqueur, obviously had way too much alcohol content and Bombe Alaska-ed itself when ignited.


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Never Work With Children, Animals or Pyrotechnics

The worst footage of a newsreader being engulfed in  pyrotechnics you are going to see all day!


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It’s Just 4th of July All Over Again

OK here’s the thing people in Florida with fireworks in their car, when you’re all done, make sure you don’t put the  used fuses with the unlit flammable ones or KABOOM! Lexus gone dot com.The explosion that followed blew out the back window and sunroof before complete engulfing the car in a big fiery ball.


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Largest Asteroid Explosion Ever Observed

Did anyone happen to hear a loud bang on 8th of October by any chance? Hmm, well if you did, it was probably the big friggin asteroid that exploded over Sulawesi in Indonesia. Come on people you must have heard something, it was equivalent to 50,000 tons of TNT!. The scary part is no one, not even NASA saw it was coming! Hmm, considering it was the largest asteroid explosion ever observed, you would have thought someone would have said “WTF is that?”. Nope, a 10m planetoid comes hurtling down upon us , explodes 15km above our heads, with a force more powerful than three Hiroshima bombs and not so much as boo out of NASA. Everyone friggin panic!


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