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Stupid Is

Just letting you know loons, if you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up petrol from your boot this is likely to happen….

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Man Blown From House

burning houseYou wake up in the morning, smell a little gas, switch on the bathroom light and …. KABOOM … you are blown through the front door onto the lawn. People, remember, when you smell gas, leave the building slowly, do not turn on any switches or your cell phone. Just get the hell out of there.


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Darwin Award

A thong wearing idiot tried to blow up an ATM in Australia’s Northern Territory. The impact of the explosion blew him out of his thongs.


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Chemistry Teachers Epic Fail



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Bad Doggy

dog sleepingPuppy + teeth + deodorant can = kaboom. An explosion in England that caused $3,500 in damage was most likely caused by a puppy puncturing a can of deodorant. The little whippet is thought to have bit into the can and then left it next to a gas fireplace which resulted in the room blowing up. The owners said the naughty pup is not in the doghouse and they were just grateful that all their animals survived the explosion.


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Breast Implant Explosion

Woman's breast implants ruptureJust a little word of warning for women with breast implants. It seems spending four hours on your stomach playing a game on your cell phone can cause them to explode. Just ask the Beijing woman. But on the bright side she can now finish the game without the fear of kaboobing (see what I did there?).

Psst I bet she was playing friggin Candy Crush!!!


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Lawyer Blows Himself Up

Hey guys, check out what I got!!!

OK, one more time amateur weapon collectors. When opening a postal package containing hand grenades, proceed with extreme caution, just in case one of them  is live and  goes kaboom!!!! France is now minus one business lawyer after he was blown to smithereens while inspecting his box of goodies in his Paris office. Who the hell sends a live grenade through the mail…oh never mind it’s France!!!!


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Chamber of Horror

What the? A woman and a horse have been blown up after the hyperbaric chamber they were using at the Equine Rehabilitation Center in Florida, exploded. Evidently the horse was kicking inside the chamber when a spark from its shoe ignited a chemical substance. The explosion could be heard from miles away and rattled windows.

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It Was Probably the Acetone

Let this be a warning to others, do not light a cigarette while using nail polish remover. A Kalamazoo woman is in hosiptal with serious burns and her house is now a charred shell after she “flipped her light” and the house exploded.


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Happy Birthday To You!!!

Oh crap, you know what I hate? When you get birthday candles mixed up with fireworks and you put them on your 13 year old’s birthday cake. Hmm, I really friggin hate that! The ensuing explosion  more than likely scared the shit out of the birthday girl and her parents, who were all injured by the small explosion. The damage to dining room was bad enough for the bomb squad to be called.

Psst I’m guessing mom wants a new dining room for her birthday!


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