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Deadly Squid

Live bomb found in squidNo need to panic just quite yet, but a live bomb was found inside a squid caught off the coast of China. The 3lb explosive narrowly missed kabooming at a fish market when the squid was cut open. Local police suspect the rusty bomb had fallen into the ocean from a fighter jet. Hmm, sounds suspiciously like a Kim Jong Un suicide squid squad to me.

Want sauce with that?


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Big Bang Theory

Merry Christmas

Holy orgasm Batman, a Minnesota man is in big trouble after he customized a vibrator to explode .Yes, a vibrator bomb. Dear lord, now that’s what I call “going out with a bang!”  Anywho, Terry Allen Lester packed the black vibrator with gun powder, BB shot and buck shot and then attached wires to a trigger. Seems his plan was to give it to one of his exs as a Chrissy present. Fortunately it never came to fruition as his roomies dobbed him into police. In the official complaint the roommates said Mr Lester “told them when the device was inserted into the female he would pull the trigger and it would blow them up,”  When police searched his house they also uncovered a pink vibrator with “Merry Christmas Bitch” written on it. Hmm, unlucky, because that’s a terrorist threat charge right there.

Psst Thanks to Fever Beaver for the tip off !!!


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Terror In The Skies

Here, give me that!

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on a plane friggin. Authorities believe the Nigerian man who ignited a white substance on a Delta Airlines flight may have links to Al Qaeda. Friggin brilliant, back to the plastic cutlery. The suspect, who is now in hospital suffering second degree burns, lit up the explosive as the plane was about to land in Detroit but it failed to go kaboom! Several people were also hurt in the incident which has now become a full blown WTF investigation after it was announced it was a failed terrorist attack.

Psst The terrorist has been named as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, an engineering student at University College of London, who surprise, surprise, is listed in the federal counterterrorism files and MAY (but not confirmed) to be on the banned passenger list. Great two biggies to answer…how did he manage to buy a one way ticket with that friggin name and how was he able to smuggle a friggin bomb on board? Geez, what a way to ruin Christmas lunch for the FBI , CIA and Homeland Security people! It’s back to watching Fox News terror meter I guess!


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