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Swedish Nuclear Power Plants on High Alert

No need to panic Sweden, but some explosives were found on a truck which was about to enter a nuclear power plant. Lucky for those routine security checks. The silly bugger who had planted the explosive devices in the vehicle had failed to attach a detonator making it impossible to kaboom. Hmm, unless they were sneaking it in in pieces.


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New Unrest In Ireland

Unrest in Ireland seems to have spiraled once again with the discovery of a wheelie bin full of 500lb of homemade explosives in a van located along a main road between Dublin and Belfast. Fingers are being pointed at dissident Republicans who remain opposed to the peace process.The discovery comes a week after constable Ronan Kerr was killed by a booby trap bomb attack outside his home in County Tyrone.


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Extreme Park

How wonderful, Vernon in British Columbia wants to turn what was once a military training facility into a nature park. Only one catch though, the 56 hectares is still littered with explosives. Hmm, a park of natural selection! The land has been used by the military since 1942 and since that time a total of 8 residents have lost their lives due to mortar shells going kaboom. The Department of National Defence have no idea how much live munitions is still scattered or buried on the land but after a risk assessment the city plans to spend a year using technology (similar to an X-ray) to located the dangerous little sucker before opening it up to the public. Hmm, might want to get your insurance policies reassessed! Oh and did I happen to mention rattlesnakes? Seems they are in abundance too!

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Donkey Cart Kaboom!

Three children, who were blown to smithereens as they played with a donkey cart in Afghanistan, were the nephews of tribal leader Fazluddin Agha.  Agha, who believes he was the intended target, said that explosives were hidden under a pile of fodder which was detonated remotely.I’m guessing the donkey didn’t survive the kaboom either! Terrorists are getting sneakier and sneakier!

Psst Wait till PETA get their hands on them, then they be in for what for!


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Geez, What Big Tits You Have My Dear

All points bulletin out for the exploding tit brigade. MI5 say they fear Muslim doctors trained in Britain may be implanting explosives into Muslim women suicide bombers breasts. Golly gee, they even know the name of the explosives PETN (pentaerythritol Tetrabitrate). Oh and don’t you fear they are being sexist, if you happen to be a male volunteer you can get yourself a butt bomb. Geez, sitting down must be awkward let alone farting. Kaboom!


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A Child Care Center With A Difference

Man blows off hand making explosives in child day care centerOK which is worse, some dude blowing his hand off while mixing homemade explosives or some dude blowing his hand off mixing homemade explosives in a child day care center? Benjamin Kuzelka waltzed into a local hospital saying he had been shot in the hand, but the docs knew better and sent the cops to his house to investigate. There they found a sophisticated marijuana growing set up and hazardous devices. But more disturbing was the fact the house had doubled as a child care center. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Anywho, Mr Kuzelka, his mom and brother have all been arrested! Man with no hand 0, little kiddies 1


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Kiss Your Asse Goodbye

OK, just a word of warning to anyone and I mean anyone planning to visit Asse in Lower Saxony,Germany…. don’t. Not only is it home to a friggin salt-mine nuclear waste storage facility (WTF) but the friggin thing is crumbling (WFT). Oh and hold on to your radio active suits people, the leaky hell hole contains unknown amounts (yes, unknown amounts) of friggin explosives (WTF).Oh yeah and those explosives are kept right near the nuclear waste (WTF). Hmm, watch the officials and Asse operators run! But no need to alarm the locals….oh except that  a “bog of radioactive salt water has built up by the entrance to the explosive chamber.” (WTF). Hmm, and so I wonder how that cancer and leukemia monitoring is working for them?  So do ya wanna know what else is in the 126,000 untouchable barrels of scary waste? Try arsenic, lead and pesticides for starters. Hmm, if you want more WTF’s just have a read of Schacht Asse II.

Psst I did a quick Wiki on the location and I came across this line “For several hundred years, salt has been mined in Asse.”…  lucky it didn’t have a “the” in that sentence!
Geez, check out the locals protesting the facility….OK lose the torches people you might go  boom! The line of protesters went for miles! Hmm, a human fuse!


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