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toxic time capsuleWhat happens when you fail to follow proper procedures at a high-level biosecurity laboratory? Anthrax, people! Yep, 75 up to scientists may have been exposed to the deadly toxins after they transferred live friggin bacteria to low security labs not equipped to handle it. Oh for the love of sleeping with one eye open! Now they have to wait up to 60 days to see if they are infected.


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Proof Some Politicians Do Have Balls

Swedish MP exposes his genitalsSwedish politician Lars Ohly posted a photo of his new Liverpool Football Club leg tattoo on Instagram unaware his genitals were showing. Maybe Weiner and Ohly should compare notes.

Psst Sorry Loons, tried to find the unblocked image for you but to no avail.


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Maybe He Should Have Ask For A Breast?

OK, here’s the thing mister, you don’t go exposing yourself at a North Carolina  fast food joint just because they ran out of chicken legs, have you no pride? Hmm, it’s been alleged that Jason Gross, who was a passenger in car, slowly flashed his penis at a drive thru worker after being told they had no more chicken legs. The employee said Mr Gross swore at her then declared he had a  “leg for you” before slowly revealing his genitals. Hmm, she then went on to say  “It’s going to be forever ingrained in my head.” Ain’t that the truth!


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Prince William Peeing

Oh for crying out loud people, the minute Prince William announces his marriage, everyfrigginone is searching for a photo of Willie’s family jewels. What is wrong with you people? Anywho,  YES,  my “Prince William Naked” post (from last year) has hit pay dirt. So if you missed out the first time click here “Prince William’s Willie” to see what Kate’s all smiles about. Don’t click if you are easily offended….I did warn you!


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Dangling Testicles Alert

How's them apples, biatch!

Oh look away loons, this is just nasty. A mobile home park manager has accused a 77 year old tenant of deliberately letting his genitals dangle from under his shorts while she was confronting him about overdue bills. Ewh, I told you it was nasty!  In her statement she said his “testicles and the tip of his penis were exposed through the bottom of his shorts,” (hmm, how friggin short were they?). Oh no it didn’t stop there, he then “placed his hand on his testicles and tucked them back in his shorts.” before extracting his penis from the other side of his shorts.Of course the man is denying everything , telling police “I wear underwear, sir,” Gee, who to believe?


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It Was Worth a Try!

Check it out!

OK here’s the thing Anthony Joseph Urga, exposing your penis and saying you have a flesh eating bacteria ain’t gonna cut it with employees of Radio Shack, damn you. After two clerks spotted Mr Urga allegedly nicking stuff, they confronted him. OK, he returned the ipods he’d stolen but when they asked to search his backpack….well, he dropped his pants, flashed his penis and threatened to expose them to a ‘flesh eating bacteria’ (as you do). When that didn’t impress them he drew a knife but by then they had already tackled him (obviously not scared of the bacteria…or an exposed penis!!!). Anywho, due to a medical condition the King County jail refused to take him so they drove him to the emergency room of the Harborview Medical Center where he promptly walked out. There is now  $50,000 warrant out for his arrest. The circle of life!


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I Hate It When This Happens

This is the reason webcam should be handled with care….


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Dentist More Dangerous Than a Battlefield

OMG, a Missouri Veterans Administration Hospital may have accidentally exposed 1,800 veterans to hepatitis, HIV or any other life threatening disease you can care to think of. In the next few days 1,812 veterans are gonna be getting a nice “WTF” letter in their mailbox. Hmm, seems the hospital had a “failure to clean dental instruments properly” problem. Sheez, what, like 1,800 times? The hospital said some dental technicians had hand washed tools before putting them in the cleaning machines. Despite there being only a minimal risk of anyone catching something nasty, the hospital is offering serology testing for hepatitis B, C and HIV to anyone who received the letter.


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Can You Tuck It In Please!!!!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a man rang police after his 57 year old thong wearing neighbor kept exposing his gray haired scrotum. The man and his family (including children) were enjoying themselves at home when the next door neighbor bent down several times on his back deck  revealing his “scrotum”. When the man asked the neighbor not to do it as there was children present he said “if you don’t like it call the cops.” Hmm so he did!

Psst You can read the police report and full story here at Off The Beat.


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