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This Is Why Drugs Are Bad

Edward, Edward, Edward, you know if you are going to wear your undies around your neck and women’s pants with a hole in the crotch (exposing your genitals) it’s gonna end in tears. Edward Rodriguez had been hiding in a ditch when Arizona police were called. As they approach him they realized the shirtless Edward was flashing his willy through a hole cut in the crotch  and had his undies wrapped around his neck. Ahh but wait there’s more, when the officers got closer he grabbed a bag of methamphetamine (he probably made earlier) to show the bemused cops.


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Burning Ring of Fire

Not any more!

Not any more!

When you forcibly fondle someone at a bar expect retaliation. A British man has had his genitals set alight by a Greek woman in a bar in Crete. Evidently the drunken man was waving his wears at a number of girls before he decided to focus his attention and gentials at a Greek woman. After numerous attempts to stop the pesty drunk, she eventually poured Sambuca onto his lap and used a lighter to set him on fire. While the man is nursing his second degree burns to his testicles and penis at a hospital, the woman has become a national hero. Even the magistrate and prosecutor agreed she should be set free pending a trial. A crowd shouted “bravo, bravo” as she left the court.

UPDATE The Greek woman is denying she ever set fire to the drunk man’s genitals. She says that after he grabbed her breasts and bum, she poured a drink over him and left.


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