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Collar Bomb Teen Saved

OMG, you’re a year 12 student, you walk into your home only to be confronted by a balaclava wearing stranger who attacks you and places a friggin collar bomb around your neck…. America you say? Nope, friggin Australia.The girl believed to be Madeleine Pulver from a wealthy Sydney neighborhood spent a grueling 11 hours with the bomb strapped around her neck while police and the bomb squad tried to work out a way to extract her from the contraption. They even sought the help of the British military as no such device had ever been seen in Australia before. Police are baffled by the whole incident but believe it may have been an extortion attempt as a note was also found at the scene. Fortunately for the 18 year old the bomb squad were finally able to remove the device before it went kaboom.

Psst I remember a few years back watching the live Fox News telecast of the pizza delivery guy with the bomb strapped to his neck and that didn’t end so well.

2nd psst A big shout out to the NSW police for how they handled the situation.


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Everything Is Bigger In Texas

A drug cartel is believed to behind the murder of 72 illegal immigrants found on a ranch in Texas near the Mexican border. The lone survivor who stumbled wounded to a checkpoint on the highway told his story of woe to marines manning the post. Police later found the bodies of 58 men and 14 women. The man claims he was kidnapped by an armed gang who demanded extortion money. Authorities suspect the gang was the notorious Zetas drug cartel who control the area. Hmm, since when have a drug cartel controlled parts of Texas ?


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Rumor Mill Round Up

OK, here’s a run down of this weeks thrills and spills. Pink kaboomed 8ft off the stage onto a steel barrier after a harness malfunction (she claims the barricade is now her bitch). John Stamos side stepped another potential drama after an extortion plot involving some compromising photos was dealt with swiftly by police. Lindsay’s off to rehab (yes she is, no she isn’t, yes sh…oh who cares), Mels in therapy,Kelly Osbourne is back on the dating scene (this time trying to avoid a cheater), Levi and Bristol are engaged and negotiating reality show deals, Penelope Cruz and the dude who played the nastiest little serial killer with a tank of compressed air you’ll ever see just got hitched, Rip Torn used a life line and got off some serious bank robbery charges.  Wesley Snipes goes into the big house IRS 1, Snipes 0. Oh and Joran van der Sloot is still rotting away in a Peruvian jail.


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You’re The Dirty Rat

Gosh, everyone knows microwaved rat tastes like shit!

OK, here’s the thing Wisconsin people who attempt to plant a dead rat in the food of an upscale restaurant to extort money, you can’t fool the insurance company.  Debbie R. Miller hatched up a scheme to place a dead rodent in her lunch and then sue The Seasons for $500,000. All went according to plan until the insurance company got their hands on one of their own. After numerous tests they concluded the rat was domestic and had been cooked in a microwave. Brilliant. The restaurant in question doesn’t use microwaves! Doh! Well never you mind Ms Miller, there are plenty more rats where you’re going.


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