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Maybe We Aren’t Alone

Anyone heard about the Fast Radio Bursts? Anyone? Anywho, the source of the strange bursts of radio energy known as Fast Radio Bursts (pulses of light a billion times brighter than anything else on Earth) have long been a mystery to scientists. But hold onto your tin foil hat loons Aussie scientists now think that the signals are coming from outer space and thus extraterrestrial. What does this mean? Who friggin knows ….but ET might just be phoning home!!!!

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Aliens in Wiltshire

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

OK, at least there is one thing going for him, he is a police officer. An off duty cop claims he saw aliens (not illegal ones, friggin beam me up Scotty types) after he was out examining a crop circle in Wiltshire. He said he saw three of them, 6ft tall and blond, but when he called out to them they ran off “faster than any man he had ever seen”. During the close encounter the policeman said he heard “the sound of static electricity”. Well alrighty then it must be aliens!

Psst They must have stopped to admire the crop circle … primitive art!


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