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A Giant Friggin Eyeball

Attention Loons, if you happen to know of a sea creature swimming around with one eyeball, no probs  because the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have found the other one.  The piercing blue eyeball, the size of a friggin grapefruit, washed up on a US beach last week but so far experts have been unable to identify what creature it belongs to.



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The Grossest Thing You Will See All Day

Look away sensitive loons, what I am about to tell you is downright gross. A man in India had a 5 inch long wriggling worm extracted from his eyeball. That’s about 15cm people!!!! The docs aren’t sure where the parasite originally entered from a cut in his foot or from him eating raw food. Ewh. Not grossed out enough there is a video!!!


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Friggin Stem Cells

Oh my, Japanese scientists have grown the first eyeball from stem cells. Should I be happy or scared?

Wants sauce with that?


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Room With A View

You know what I hate? When a friggin worm starts living behind your eye for 9 months. I really friggin hate that. An Iowa man was a tad concerned when he  noticed two spots on his left eye were beginning to  obscure his vision. He toddled off to the hospital to be told it was some  friggin worm using his eye as a bachelor pad.  No worries, the doctors got out their weapon of choice and zapped it with a laser. OK, the worm wasn’t giving up without a fight, requiring another round of laser  zapping before it would die. John Matthews isn’t sure if it was a worm he picked up holidaying in Mexico or a raccoon roundworm he caught while turkey hunting. Ewh.


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