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Rattlesnake 1, Human 0

One more time people, just leave wildlife alone. A man in Arizona decided it would be a hoot to throw a rattlesnake on the BBQ during a children’s party. Show the little snowflakes how a snake sizzles. The rattler had just slithered into the yard  when the guy grabbed it by the head but as luck would have it he lost his grip and the angry snake bit him on the face and chest. Luckily a hospital was nearby. He was sedated for 5 days until the swelling went down. Still no word on the snake. Probably gloating with his mates in the Rattler’s nest.

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Frequent Flyer?

The boss of the flying kangaroo got a flying lemon meringue in the kisser during a Leadership conference in Perth. Alan Joyce, the head of Qantas, didn’t see this coming. The culprit is a religious man who hid for hours to unleash his fury at corporations making comments about marriage equality.    Needless to say he is in the doghouse, especially with his wife who had no idea what he was up to.

PSST: Alan Joyce is openly gay

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Stephen King Rang

The mayor of Salem got a fright when he saw this staring down at him from a street light. Boo!


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Face Appears in Butter

Could this be Donald Trump because it sure isn’t Jesus?




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When Cats Don’t Care


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There Goes The Self Esteem

screamAwks. A Saudi groom has asked for a divorce on his wedding day after seeing her face for the first time. Oooh, that’s not nice. The drama unfolded after a photographer asked  the bride to lift her veil for a photograph and the hubby saw her face for the first time. He stood up and declared ‘You are not the girl I want to marry. You are not the one I had imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you.’ Yes, it ended in tears.


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Fart Leads To Fight

fartA drunk 64 year old man sees a 33 year old woman asleep on her couch so he enters her home and lets one rip right in her face. That’s a beating mister. Both were later issued citations for fighting.

Want sauce with that?


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There Is A Reason Why They Are In An Enclosure

giraffeWhat happens when you jump into a giraffe enclosure at the Wisconsin Zoo? Well, first Wally the 2 year old giraffe will lick you before booting you right in the face. Yes siree, kapow!

Psst To add salt to the wound, the woman was fined $700 for her troubles. Hmm, that’s paying through her broken nose.


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Say Cheese

You know what I hate? When you use a camera drone at a wedding and it flies smack bang into the groom’s face.


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From Russia With Love

Woman has boyfriends name tattooed on faceWhat do you do when you meet the man of your dreams and fall instantly in love? Well, if you are Lesya Toumaniantz from Russia, you have his name “Ruslan” tattooed across your face in five-inch high gothic script, that’s what. Oh for crying out loud, they had met for less than 24 hours when she decided to have a symbol of eternal devotion inked on her face. The man of her dreams happens to be the same guy who tattooed a  galaxy of stars across a young Belgian girl’s face a few years back. Sheez, I sure hope the romance lasts because that’s gonna be friggin intimidating for the next guy she meets. Just saying.



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