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Have I got a man for you, desperate loons. He’s got a beautiful smile, easy going, good sense of humour and will do anything for love. Only one catch, OK, several, he’s behind bars for manslaughter and has an extensive criminal past. Which is kinda scary, I agree. But besides that, he’s got a “Guys At Barwon Prison That Want Girls To Write To Them” page on Facebook and he’s looking for love. Might want to give him a poke?


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You Know Your Life Sucks When ….

I'm not even allowed on it!

…. a fetus on Facebook  has more friggin friends than you. Yes, you heard me, a fetus has a friggin Facebook page, thanks to its parents Matthew and Ellie Greene AND Marriah already has over 300 friends. How the hell does she type?

Psst I would hate to get poked by a fetus…I’m just saying!


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