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Irony Alert

Remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall ? You know, the one where the phones randomly kaboomed . Hmm, well, seems one of the Chinese plants, where they were made, has burst into flames. Samsung is denying it was caused by their new line of batteries despite the fire department posting this clanger “material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products,” 110 firefighters were sent to fight the blaze. Awks.

PSST The irony alert is this still won’t deter me from getting the Galaxy S8


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They Will Never Look Here

If you are going to set up an illegal cannabis factory in Britain, where else to locate it but Pot House Lane. The 200 plants were discovered in a farmhouse in Pot House Lane,  Lancashire and have an estimated street value of £80,000.

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