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Watch out for the …..


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Epic Naming Fail

BoatyOne more time people ….. do not, and I repeat, do not ask the public to help you name ANYTHING. A British science group did the fatal mistake of running a comp to “name” their new research ship. So far RRS Boaty McBoatface is winning.


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And By Castle Restoration We Didn’t Mean This

You had one job!!!! An architect is deep doo dah after his attempt at restoring a 9th century Spanish castle turned into an epic fail. The restoration was approved by the regional cultural authorities but has since been slammed by the Spanish historical conservation association calling it a “disaster” and the public in general.


Hmm, on a bright note, at least they didn’t hire the Spanish pensioner who restored a fresco of Jesus. Oh well, another tourist attraction for Span.

fresco fail


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Epic Penguin Escape Plan Fail

Oh come on little penguins, the first rule of escaping is not to leave wet footprints…. just saying.


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Halloween Costume Fail

Suicide bomber foiled in Washington DCOh for crying out loud, Fort Bragg soldier…. dressing like a suicide bomber for Halloween is kinda Forrest Gump stupid. The un-named man attempted to enter the compound wearing an explosive vest, resulting in a mini alert.


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Epic Parenting Fail

You post a Youtube vid of your snowflake bubble butt dancing in the bath thinking you will get a bucket load of “awwwwwws” but instead you get a whole lotta WTFs.

baby_outrage crop

The reason wasn’t actually the bubble butt twerking bub but more so the mum using an electric appliance to make the bubbles…. Nawww,  a rookie mistake, like a knife in the toaster.



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Pointless Special

This is a bargain down under…. especially considering we don’t have 1 or 2 cents any more so it  will be rounded to nearest dollar making it…$20.


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Selfie Fire Fail

I kinda wanted more….like them floating down the street.


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Shawshank Fail

Oh bless, a murderer attempted to escape from one of Australia’s maximum security prisons by burrowing a tunnel . He was 100m from freedom when he was sprung. Come on man, you need to lift your game. The dudes in the US managed to Shawshank….yeah sure, one got shot dead and the other now leaks like a sieve but at least they are known as the dudes who escaped. What you need is a disgruntled female prison wa…. oh never mind.

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People of 911

One more time people, please don’t be ringing 911 to brag about your big muscles…oh and don’t be asking the dispatcher out on a date either. This is really important …the police know how to trace your calls and they will hunt you down, take away your cold beers and drag your dumbass down to the station. Just saying.

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