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What is worse than fake news?

Fake doctor!!! Of all things sacred a man in Australia has pretended to be a doctor, not for one year or two years, but 11 years. Evidently the man had been treating patients in Australian hospitals and emergency departments after having stolen a passport , medical qualifications and citizenship from a real doctor in India. Hmm, so much for our country’s checks and balances. The fake doc has since fled Australia and is nowhere to be found.

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Can You Wait One Moment While I Google It

What do you think doc?

If you live in South Carolina and happened to have seen a Dr Arthur Kennedy in the past year you might want to get a second opinion. Seems the good doc is actually Ernest Addo of Austell who stole the real doctor’s identity. Austell’s cover was blown when a patient  saw him looking up ask.com.

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Are You Sure You’re a Doctor?

OK loons, how do you know if your doctor is a fake? Hmm, well for starters, when he uses toothpicks to do acupuncture on you and then gives you  a bottle of ‘Prosperous Farmer Dietary Supplements’ that expired in 2002. The victim claims he went to the so-called Chicago clinic after seeing an advert in a Bulgarian newspaper. Hmm, the fact that there wasn’t any receptionist or patients should have been the first hint!  Then the piece de resistance , following the medical exam,  the victim paid him  $200 despite being toothpicked .

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Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Attention all Idaho women, has anyone had their breasts examined by a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna at a bar recently? If so, I hate to break it you but she ain’t no plastic surgeon and she ain’t no woman, you’ve been groped! Kristina Ross, who use to be a man, had been stalking bars and offering women free breast examinations under the ruse of being a surgeon. She was later arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor after victims began ringing to make appointments at a surgery Ross said she worked at for follow up appointments.


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