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That’s No Way To Go Through Life, Son!

thiefSo if a burglar breaks into a YMCA playroom via the ceiling and steals play money from a toy cash register is it really a crime or just a classic example of stupidity? The security footage shows the thief snatching the money in the dimly lit room, unaware it was fake, and then fleeing.

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Monopoly Just Got A Lot More Popular

Monopoly piece to be voted offSomewhere in France there is a Monopoly board game for sale containing $23,268 worth of Euro notes. Yep, to celebrate he 80th anniversary of the game, the company has , in ONLY one of the 30,000 Monopoly boxes, replaced all the fake money with real money . Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?



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Kid Uses Counterfeit Bill To Buy Mother’s Day Present

Hello, I need a lawyer!

I don’t know what’s worse, a seven year old using a fake dollar note to buy his mom a Mother’s Day present or telling officials it was his mom who gave him the counterfeit money in the first place! Geez, what a bitch! The boy had tried to use the dollar bill at his school but as it was glued together and cut unevenly on the both ends it was pretty much a bust right then and there. Hmm, a curious Loon wants to know what the hell he was buying her for $1?


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Not So Funny Money

Hmm, she doen't look very observant!

Hmm, she doen't look very observant!

Here’s the thing 50 year old wanna-be-counterfeiter, you can fool a hooker all of the time but a taxi driver NEVER! Geez, Rickey Kempter is facing 20 years for trying to pay an exotic dancer with phoney money he whipped up on his home printer. While Kempter and his lady of the night were heading to a Wyoming motel in a taxi, the cabbie was given a roll of $50 bills to hold (don’t friggin ask, I don’t know!). Anywho, Mr keen eye cabbie noticed the money was friggin fake and rang the cops. Hmm, what was the hint, they looked strange and weren’t cut properly? Cabbie 1, Exotic dancer 0, Kempter  -1.

Psst Lucky the cabbie spotted it first or the dancer would have hung him by his balls!

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