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CSI:South Tyneside

OK, here’s the thing lady, staging a fake robbery similar to the one you saw on CSI, is not going to fool the police. Think back to the show, the person who faked being bound and gagged eventually got caught, didn’t they? Friggin numbskull! The woman, who wanted her business partners to sell a club and get the hell out of the area, put tape over her mouth, tied herself to a chair and cut herself to make it look like a heist. Unfortunately her acting skills let her down and police eventually realised she had staged the whole thing herself.

Want sauce with that?

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Dumbass 911 Caller of the Week So Far!

Had a day off did you Ferris?

I’m sorry William Ferris Jr, ringing 911 because a prostitute you had sex with at the White Castle restaurant’s toilets took $50 is not classified as an emergency. OK, it is when you say you were robbed, but no when you later admit you paid her for her services. That’s a false alarm and soliciting right there.


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