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As Useless As A Fart In A Thunderstorm

Oh dear lord!

OK, fess up, which one of you Prairie P & P’s was it? Paul Weigand from Wichita, Kansas, thought he could get around the mandatory seat belt law by wearing himself a belt made from an old seat belt because technically he was wearing it …it just wasn’t attached to anything. Hmm, the judge explained to him in court that, yes, the law didn’t specifically state the belt had to be “attached” BUT the intent of the law was to protect drivers and his job was to follow the intent of the law. So basically that was a $126 smart ass idea. In his defense Weigand said he refused to wear a seat belt because he had a phobia about being trapped in a burning car …ala Harry Chapin. Hmm, how’s about a phobia of flying head first through a windshield straight into a tree?

Psst Yes, he wore his fake belt as he left court, just in case you were wondering!

Want sauce with that? Seriously, check out the dude in the vid…hilarious.


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