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Bigfoot Sighting in Utah

Oh for crying out loud people, one more time, this is not bigfoot, it’s a friggin wild turkey fanning out its feathers, you fools. Sheez!!!


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Fake It In Style

OMG, stop before you embarrass yourself designer label freaks. Those $68 Louis Vuitton condoms are fakes. Fakes, do you hear me. Evidently the housewives of Beverley Hills went into an uber frenzy when news spread that the French fashion house was launching a range of condoms embossed with the ‘LV’ logo. Alas, it was just a hoax by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria. Suck it up princesses.


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A White Cane Anyone?

Eh? Didn't see it coming!!!

Oh those Greeks!!! A recently elected mayor on the island of Zakynthos has discovered that quite a few of his constituents have been in on an elaborate scam. About 600 of them have been falsely declaring themselves blind so they can collect a nice monthly cheque from the government. Hmm, that’s about 2% of the population and include restaurant owners, shop keepers, farmers and even taxi drivers. Seems authorities had been turning a blind eye for over 10 years to those faking their claims. Now the spoil sport mayor (who happens to also be a lawyer) has ceased all benefit payments so they can thin out the blind herd. The crackdown has also come at a price, with 50 of the so called blind hurling eggs and yoghurt at the now unpopular major. Hmm, so does being blind drunk count?

Want sauce with that?


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Change For A Million ?

OK,  here’s the thing man from North Carolina, make sure when you are using a fake bill at Walmart, it isn’t a million dollar note because the US mint don’t print such a thing. Hmm, and besides, who has friggin change. Michael Anthony Fuller spent $476 worth of goods before handing over the Walmart cashier the phony $1 million bill, they in turn called the cops and he was promptly arrested.

Psst Note to future forgers, the US mint stop printing anything larger than$100 in 1969.


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Man Fakes His Mother’s Obituary

I knew I forget something!

Oh for crying out loud, Scott Bennett, if you are going to  fake an obituary of your mother and have it published in the newspaper so you can get a few days off work, you might want to warn your relis (especially your mom). Mr Bennett was worried he would get the boot for taking time off  work so came up with the elaborate scam to get paid bereavement. Unfortunately his family saw the obituary, freaked AND THEN his mother stormed over to The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Pennsylvania to prove she was alive and kicking. Hmm, Christmas could be awkward .

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Fake Spelling Bee

Grab the Kleenex loons . A school set up a fake spelling bee so Staff Sergeant Therron Johnson could surprise his daughter Skylar….

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Whoopsie daisy. A woman in South Carolina was approached by two men outside McDonalds claiming to have cheap iPads for sale. Apparently they had purchased them in bulk and were selling them for $300. When Ashley McDowell told them she only had $180 they said that would do. You can kinda guess what happened next. Yep, when he got home she opened the FedEx box and found a lovely piece of wood painted with an Apple logo on it. Police are now looking for two black men (one with a gold tooth) driving a Impala with “no rims”.


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Confessions of a Loon

OK people, I have to admit I too have a creature in my yard that could attract unwarranted attention by cops. He’s been living in my pond for several years now and has successfully scared away 2 postmen, 1 curious cat and and the water meter reader guy.


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Nice Balls Beckham

This is so lame, of course the video is fake. Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire, now that was real!!!!


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Chinese Making Fake Jacob’s Creek

Dear god, the Chinese are now making fake Jacob’s Creek bottles of wine and flogging them to the Brits. Blahaha, haven’t the Aussies been doing that for years? Anywho, the sneaky Chinese counterfeiters are then pouring inferior wine into the bottles and offering it to retailers for £2 each .

Psst So Duncan, the way to know if you are drinking the fakes is to check the labels because there are friggin spelling mistakes everywhere.


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