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Cheapest Way To Get A Boob Job

Of all the low down rotten genius things to do, an Arizona woman faked having breast cancer so she could get herself a nice big pair of fake breasts.  She told her co workers and family she had breast cancer, which would require a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that she couldn’t afford . So of course everyone rallied around her, fund raising and donating money. A few months later she had her nice new tits. Sadly, her scam only unraveled when she rocked up to work and couldn’t provide a doctor’s note for her medical leave. A little bit of investigative work and she was sprung. So close.

Want sauce with that?


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Teacher Fakes Illness

OK here’s the thing middle school teacher, if you are gonna fake an inoperable brain tumor, at least friggin look sick. Leslie Herneisey, who worked at the Middletown Middle School  had been faking her sickness for years but drew suspicion after a lack of symptoms. Enter police, who discovered she had forged medical papers. Sheez, that’s something you expect students to do!


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