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Friggin Elevators

Just in case you ever find yourself in a falling elevator, lie on your back, it’s the most survivable position. Jumping on impact is of no valuable use. Oh, but if you have a fat ass try sitting, it can help absorb the g-force.

Psst Oh and make sure the elevator is actually falling before lying on the floor because that could be potentially awkward!

2nd Psst Thanks for the info NPR!


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Just When You Least Expect It

Ah Shit!

Oh dear, a Hong Kong woman has died after an elderly woman plunged from her 27th floor apartment and landed, kaboom, right on top of her. It is believed the 74 year old woman slipped while fetching clothes, fell over the balcony then landed on the unsuspecting Chan Kwai-mui. In a morbid twist of fate Ms Chan’s hubby died when a crane fell on him a few years earlier. Police say the women were ” found in a heap”.


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