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Everything Stinks!

Indian man suing Lynx because he can's attract a womanVaibhav Bedi is suing Lynx (also known as AXE in India), not because it stinks but because he hasn’t managed to score a single women since he has used it! The loser in love is suing the company for £26,000 for the “depression and psychological damage” caused by the lack of any Lynx effect.Damn stuff made him no more attractive to women than Brut. The Axe commercials infer that when men wear their products women throw themselves at them. Obviously not for poor Bedi, he’s been using the stuff for 7 years and not a single chick. That’s some kind of epic fail and he should sue!


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Oh Don’t Mind Them, Plant A Few Trees!

When Geering & Colyer Estate Agents listed a quaint little 1930’s fisherman’s cottage for sale in Dungeness they were inundated with interest. Hmm, but real estate agents, just like used car salesmen, have the knack for telling little porkies and this one was exceptional. The quaint little 1930’s cottage sounded absolutely fab in the real estate advertisement but when prospective buyers came a looking, they were shocked to discovered it was overshadowed by the enormous Dungeness A and Dungeness B nuclear power stations. Whoopsie, did I forget to mention that, my bad? One peeved buyer said “These power stations are literally at your front door – there is no escaping them, they are gargantuan.”
The Estate Agents defended their obvious omission by saying the power stations are just part of Dungeness.

Psst Look on the bright side you wont need to use the lights at night, ever!!!! Here is the blessed little cottage in question!


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