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Gold To The US

Move on folks, nothing to see here. When two reports that gunfire had been heard coming from JFK airport, all hell broke loose. Flights were diverted, people evacuated, police called in. After hours of confusion, trying to locate a gunman it was concluded that the sounds heard were not gun shots but a noisy assed crowd watching the Olympics on TV. AWKS.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke!

Yeah, about those 6 supposed terrorists on a bus in England with a bomb in their bag, turns out it was an electronic cigarette. Awkward. Seems a highly paranoid attentive passenger called the cops from the bus after seeing smoke coming from a bag. Enter police, bomb disposal units, ambulances, fire engines and the military. After the passengers were forced to sit on the bus for three hours they were eventually marched off and held for another few hours while bags were searched. Hmm, that’s when they found the electronic cigarette which is used to aid smokers to quit. Sheez, enough to make you want to start smoking again, I say.


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Yeah, About that Emergency Alert

What could possibly go wrong with the National Emergency Alert System ? A hacker sending thousands of New Jersey residents an extreme alert text informing them to “seek shelter immediately” due to the “extreme threat to life”, that’s what! Everybody panic!!!! Residents in the Monmouth and Ocean counties were left friggin freaking, wondering what the hell it could be, while someone, somewhere was having a good old giggle. New Jersey Homeland Security later tweeted that there was  no friggin emergency…as you were. Hmm, great help for those already barricaded  in underground bunkers, huddled in the brace position .



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Well That’s Friggin Stuffed!

OK, hands up the fool who left a large cuddly toy in the middle of a field near the M27.  Come on people, some poor women thought it was a friggin escaped white tiger . A golf course was evacuated, a cricket match stopped,  tranquilizer darts loaded, armed police dispatched and a thermal imaging helicopter scrambled. Police only discovered the tiger was a friggin toy when the wind from the helicopter blades blew it over. Taxpayers will be pleased.


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Coffee Break

Great, another thing to worry about when flying. A United Airlines flight had to be diverted to Toronto after the pilot accidentally spilled coffee all over the friggin control panel. Not only did it make one hell of a mess it also sent the navigation and communication system into a complete meltdown, sending out friggin  distress signals including the big one….7500… a hijacking!!!!  Sheez, lucky the clumsy pilot was able convince airport authorities it was all just one big misunderstanding.

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No Need To Panic


When Reagan Airport in Washington DC lost radio contact with a Piedmont Airlines flight today they went a little 9/11, scrambling fighter jets, evacuating the US Capitol building and basically freaking the hell out. But anywho, it was all a false alarm, the plane finally made contact with controllers and landed without incident. Hmm, I’m guessing the therapist will be busy this week!

Psst Isn’t Obama holidaying in Hawaii?


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