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Laxative Prank Backfires

OK, here’s the thing Family Dollar Store employees. Lacing two bottles of Coke with laxatives to catch out a fellow employee you suspect of stealing food from the staff refrigerator is kinda of stupid. But when the intended victim sees the tablets floating in the bottles and places them in the store cooler where a customer buys one, that’s when the sh*t really hits the fan (literally). The middle aged woman, who bought the tainted Coke, only drank a little of the soda before spying the 25 laxative tablets floating in it. When she returned to the store to complain she became violently ill and was rushed to hospital. After the woman was finally released the company contacted her and said they would give her a $200 gift voucher which she said “was like we were playing ‘The Price is Right’ or something.”


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You Really Stink At This!

A man stole a Bobcat front loader from a construction site in Chicago and rammed a Family Dollar store  before making off with two cans of deodorant and a bunch of gift cards.What about the cash register fool? The cash register was right there…oh never mind.


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Family Dollar Store Robbery Fail

Trying to rob a Family Dollar Store pretty much always ends in tears. Hmm, but in this case, it ends with a casket and a hospital bed. Allegedly two men with guns confronted two armored truck guards after as one guard walked from the Chicago store with a bag of money.Long story short, the guards were able to shoot the men despite one having a sawn off shotgun shoved under his chin and the other a gun in his back. Both suspects were shot in the head, with one dying at the scene and the other being rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Neither guard was injured. WTF, were they friggin ninjas?

Want sauce with that?


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Epic Fail Robber


At first you don’t succeed, friggin give up man! Hamilton police are on the lookout for a loser robber who not only epic failed to rob a Subway restaurant he also botched up a Family Dollar store robbery attempt.  Sheez! The loser started the day with  Subway , walking in and declaring “ This is a robbery give me the money” before jumping onto the counter. Hmm, that’s when the clerk pushed him off and he fled. Next, the Family Dollar store. There he changed his strategy a little by declaring he intended to rob the store before pretending he had a gun under his jacket. Fail occurred after he couldn’t get the register open.


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Careless Whisper!

Dude, speak up!

Too smelly, too old and now too quiet. What’s up with friggin robbers these days? Carlie McDuffie decided he wanted to rob a Family Dollar store in Florida but his demand to hand over money was spoken so quietly the clerk couldn’t friggin hear him. So the clerk asked him to repeat himself. Again McDuffie whispered his demands and again the clerk said “Huh, what?”. In the end Mcduffie said “forget it” and left. Soon after the penny dropped and the clerk rang 911.


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