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We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

noThe big question gripping Australia today is should the government allow the wife and 5 children of Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf to return to Oz? Given the fact that the mother went to extraordinary lengths to smuggle the kids out of the country to join her jihadist hubby and then allowed him to let one of her children hold up a severed head , I’m kinda leaning towards ….NO. These children have witnessed unspeakable horrors, thanks to their fanatical parents, and more than likely carry their parents views. As sad as the situation is the parents should be accountable for what they have done. Just because YOU have decided that the lifestyle is no longer to YOUR liking doesn’t give you a free ticket to return. Why should we allow you a comfy platform to spread your hate. You haven’t renounced the atrocities your husband (and probably you) has inflicted, you haven’t renounced your extremist views, you haven’t left your husband , you let your teen marry a IS fighter and god know’s what the others have endured. Sorry, no vacancies.


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Gaddafi’s Family To Sue NATO

Quick, get Gloria Allred on the phone, she could be in luck, the Kadafi Gaddafi  (whatever) family plan to sue NATO for their role in the death of their beloved murdering despot dictator Moammar. Yep, their French lawyer is already drawing up a complaint to be filed with the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Which is a tad ironic because that’s where Kadafi Gaddafi (whatever) would have ended up if he were still alive to face his own pile of crimes against humanity. Sheez, and lets not forget crimes against fashion!!!

Psst The best they could hope for from NATO is a strongly worded letter, right Kim Jong Il?


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Deep Sleep

Hello!!!! Hello!!

Oh seriously folks, if you can’t wake up a relative don’t be taking him to the morgue unless you are absolutely sure he’s dead. No really people! The poor South African man eventually woke up and began screaming when he released where he was, resulting in several morgue workers running for their lives thinking he was a ghost.


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It’s Everyone For Themselves


OK here’s the thing, if you are all going to shoplift as a family at Walmart, the least you could do is take the bub with you when you get sprung. Mamma and her two older children (11 and 13) were loading their purses, diaper bag and baby stroller with stolen goods when security spotted them. The family bolted after being confronted as they left the store, leaving everything, including the 6 month old baby, in their wake. All three were eventually arrested.

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Well That Stinks!

OK, here’s the thing family who think baby skunks are adorable, don’t be bringing it home as a pet if it’s got friggin rabies! The Iowa family had found the cute little baby skunk in their travels and decided to raise it as a pet. Sadly two weeks later it was dead. After a vet check it was confirmed it had rabies. Hmm, now lets see, that’s 5 rabies vaccination shots for each family member and over 20  shots for family  and friends who played with the skunk. The family dog unfortunately will be placed in quarantined for six months or euthanized. Good times.


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