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80’s Actors Inherit Fan’s Estate

Man leaves estate to two actorsAnyone remember the actors Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton? Anyone? Hmm, well someone did. Ray Fulk, 71, who recently died, left his million dollar estate to the two actors. Brophy and Barton worked together in the 1981 movie “Hell Night.” but had no idea who Mr Fulk was and originally thought it was a joke. In his will, Mr Fulk referred to them as his friends.

Psst Well there is hope for you yet Jimmy Baio, Philip McKeon and Jimmy McNichol.



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Incredible Hulk EPIC Fail

OK, here’s the thing Enrique dos Santos, do not and I repeat, do not, paint yourself with green paint used on nuclear submarines, that shit don’t come off!!!!The Hulk fan thought it would be a hoot to paint himself green and prance around like his fav super hero .. that was until he took a shower and it wouldn’t come off. Just to make the humiliation complete, when the Brazilian papers printed the story they incorrectly named his mother as his girlfriend.

Psst Hell yeah, there are photos….. Click here and here.


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Hey, give that girl her shirt back!

Following the epic 6 hour Australian Tennis Open battle  between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Rafael Nadal in the early hours of this morning  , the victor, Djokovic,  walked over to the crowd and threw his shirt to a young girl. Watch as another fan  snatches it from her grasp, faster than a rat up a drainpipe . Nasty!


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Halo Fail

Not all Beyonce’s fans can sing…..


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I’m Your Number One Fan


OMG, want to hear one of the most grossest medic stories to be discussed on the new series Bizarre ER? Sure you do. It involves  Donny Osmond, an over enthusiastic fan and a vagina. Have you guessed yet? Hmm, when a woman rolled up to emergency with pain in her privates, a medical test revealed she had a rolled up poster of Donny in her you know where! That ain’t pupppy love!


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Mosh Pit To Hell

OMG, a quadriplegic man has been impaled after his electric wheelchair was catapulted into a mosh pit at a ACDC concert in Queensland.Witnesses say one of his friends accidentally knocked the joystick of his motorized wheelchair sending him crashing more than a metre down into the pit. As he crash landed a metal stick he used to pick up things embedded in his eye. No, there was no front barrier between the wheelchair podium and the mosh pit.


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