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I’ll Drink To That

Can anyone name the “drunkest” city in America? If you said Milwaukee, have a drink. On average they guzzle around 13 drinks a month. The other greatest cities  on earth include Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno.


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Who Flung Dung

A warning to anyone in Fargo attempting to kick poo at police, that will get you a year in jail. Dennis Fike was having a party when police were called. At some stage he shat on the rug and tried to kick it at police.


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Crash, Bam, Boom!

Well I’ll be, a man in Fargo made himself a beer can alarm and caught himself an intruder. No, it’s true, instead of locking his door he placed empty beer cans on a stool in front of it so the  moment anyone entered his apartment crash, bam, boom! Hmm, well Daniel Gable must have got the fright of his life when he set off the makeshift alarm because he jumped into a closet by the door. The elderly owner of the apartment (rumored to be in his undies) awoke because of the commotion, dragged Gable out of the closet and began attacking him. As alcohol was involved, police  believe Gable may have simply  thought he was in his own apartment. No biggie.


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