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Not Tonight Dear I Fear A Fart Brewing

OK honey, I’m ready!!!!

Holy sex farts Batman. A recent survey in Sweden has revealed 1 in 3 women have at some stage refused to have sex because they feared a fart was a brewing. Hmm, men on the other hand weren’t so concerned with only 1 in 6 refusing due to gas.

Want sauce with that?


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Farting Boss Lawsuit

Morning Roberta

Roberta Feinsmith now an ex employee of New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary has filed a suit against her then boss Alan Cooper claiming among other things he constantly farted in her work space …and not the odorless types either. She also claims he was forever having yelling and swearing fits. The whole hullabaloo stems from Ms Feinsmith’s sacking. She claims Mr Cooper allegedly sent emails to staff recommending all the “baby boomer” employees should quit because they “have created a kind of bottleneck in the work world. The frustration this poses for the young and talented should be obvious.” Next day she received her walking orders. Hmm, so where does the farting fit in?


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