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American Tactical Apparel

It was only a matter of time, but a US fashion company have created a line of clothes that include compartments to conceal your gun. Brilliant! American Tactical Apparel say “These pants are engineered for battle, and for everyday operating. For warriors, by warriors.”  Oh and the  clothes include a custom covert thigh holster.


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I’d Rather Wear My Doona

Would you pay $ 1,710.00  to look like this? Yep, those are parrots on the Maxi Dress by Kenzo. Hmm, didn’t think so.


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Beatrice Becomes Kim Jong Il’s Fashionista

Egads, seriously princess! Despite missing out on an invite  Kim Jong Il took no time in copying Princess Beatrice’s  style. However he is claiming she stole it from his 1980’s Il Spring Collection!

Why you steal from me?


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Anyone Care For An Endangered Species Fur Coat?

OMG, great great grandbeaver is a hat!!!!

Geez lady, I simply love  that  whale- skin hang bag, seal coat and leopard porkpie hat ensemble. Clair Watson makes Cruella de Vil look like Snow friggin White with her wardrobe of safari roadkill now on public sale in New York. Seems Ms Watson has been collecting vintage clothes made from tigers, leopards, cheetahs and jaguars for many decades when it wasn’t considered evil and cruel. Now the collection looks like a who’s who of endangered species. Hmm, guess she won’t be getting a Christmas card from PETA any time soon!

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They’re Back

Oh for the love of all things bright and beautiful guess what’s coming back? Go on try…you’ll never guess!Mom pants. Yes, just like mom jeans but in an array of different fabrics that are just as unflattering. Oh and not to worry, they  have been given a whole lot swankier name…”carrot pants”. Hmm, who could forget the high waisted pants that taper down to the leg . But be warned ladies, despite being comfy, they do have a tendency to make your ass look enormous.


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Kim Jong Il Is The New Black

Holy Pyongy Beer Batman, Kim Jong Il is a trend setter according to Pyongyang’s official website. Yes siree, his zipped-up tunic and matching trousers (which come in simple khaki or bland bluey grey) have become “global vogue”…strike a pose! The article on the website quotes a French fashion expert (not named), who said “world fashion follows Kim Jong-Il’s style.” Yeah, if you are my grandfather looking for comfy slacks that can be pulled up to your armpits! The French designer was also quoted as saying “Kim Jong-Il mode which is now spreading expeditiously worldwide is something unprecedented in the world’s history” Hmm, so in other words Dear leader is pretty much a walking fashion god which we all can only aspire to be.


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