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Father Knows Best

I’m going to blame this on the “You had one job to do!” backlash from his wife. A father spent hours trying to get his son’s head unstuck from two bars at a construction site.


No matter what he did the kid remained stuck. As the hours ticked by he was fearing he would have to call for help or worse…his wife. But then like a bolt of genius he realised he was doing it all wrong. That was awks!

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Zodiac Killer and Linked To Kennedy Assassination

Hands up loons, how many of you searched Google for info on Ted Cruz’s dad’s link to Lee Harvey Oswald? I admit I did. Kinda had a chuckle when I came across this one…. you couldn’t access the story unless you liked…I want a Republican in the White House.


Poor Cruz, he can’t take a trick. First he was named as the Zodiac Killer, despite not having been born for the first killing and now his father has been accused of being connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK’s assassination. No wonder he pulled the plug….it’s all becoming too absurd.


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You Are Never Too Old

No dad, NO!!!!!! Every kids nightmare just became this man’s. Pro boxer, Conor Benn, had just kaboomed his opponent to score his first professional knockout when ….. OMG, his daddy (former boxer Nigel Benn) jumped into the ring and planted a serious of kisses on his stunned son. One in particular looked seriously awks.



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Does Nancy Grace Think Everyone Is Guilty?

Love her or hate her, Nancy Grace is hilarious . Check out the moment that Grace tells the father of a missing boy his child has been found alive in his basement. Priceless..


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But I AM Yelling

Where the hell is the cap lock?

Where the hell is the cap lock?

A judge has told a father during a custody dispute to stop emailing his children using all capital letters because it is like he is yelling at them. SERIOUSLY? The judge has assigned him a family assistance officer to “help to make his messages appropriate and child friendly,”

Psst Nanny State England


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Father Knows Best

messy roomA father was so peeved at his daughter’s messy room, he moved everything out into the driveway (while she was at school) and put up a sign that read “Haley, room moved to driveway/Clean it next time.” Despite saying her dad’s reaction was a tad “extreme” Haley was pleased that he brought in painters to give the room a makeover.


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Daughter Dearest

Daughter lied about her father raping herThere are stories that make you really mad and then there is this one. In 1997 a 9 year old girl told police her father raped her. He was then sent sentenced to 20-40 years in prison and barred from seeing his five kids because he refused to plea deal. Now, 16 years later the daughter is trying to have him released because she says made the whole thing up to avoid being beaten by her drug addicted mother. Despite numerous efforts to recant her story following the sentence,  authorities refused to listen.

Want sauce with that?


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Shame , Shame, Shame

shrugging-2A NSW judge has let a father walk free from court with a good behaviour bond, despite the man pleading guilty to repeatedly raping his daughter since she was 9 years old. The daughter who is now 19 collapsed and was rushed to hospital when Judge Roy Ellis, handed down the sentence.

Want sauce with that?


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Breaking News – OMG, another Kimmy has baby news, Kimmy Jong Un has just become a daddy for the second third first time. Bless, a new little Kimmy for the world to ponder. Hmm, I bet he won’t be changing diapers.


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Worst Father EVER

Father steals his kids Christmas presentsA man has been arrested after he broke into his ex’s mobile home and stole electronics, jewelry and his kid’s  Christmas presents. Seems he was determined because he crawled under the home and dug a hole through the floor. Merry friggin Christmas. His ex spied  him running from her home with the sack of goodies and rang the cops.


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