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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Oh no, say it ain’t so, the Subway guy has been raided by FBI in a child porn investigation. The raid came two months after the executive director of the Subway guy’s Foundation was arrested on federal child-porn charges. Not the Subway Guy!


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Run He Has A Pressure Cooker

Student carrying pressure cooker questioned by fbiAttention all Saudi students living in the US, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT be seen walking around the neighborhood with a pressure cooker or you may find your house surrounded by armed FBI agents. Any one for kabsah? Seems the student had just made a big pot of rice and was taking it to a friend’s house. As you were agents.


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FBI Release Bombers of Interest

After days of speculation the FBI have released photos of two guys they suspect are behind the Boston Marathon bombing. It is believed the man in the white cap was captured on CCTV placing the backpack at location 2.

FBI release photos of Boston Martathon bomber suspects



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LulzSec Has Been Decapitated

The computer hacking group known as LulzSec is no more after the organization’s leader went all two-faced and began secretly working for the FBI. Hmm, guess they brokered him a “get out of jail free” card in exchange for the names and addresses of his hacker buddies. Police swooped on the top members of LulzSec today making numerous arrests in US, Britain and Ireland. Meanwhile Hector Xavier Monsegur, the squealer, is remaining tight lipped about the whole raid thingy. LulzSec have been responsible for wreaking havoc on US and foreign government agencies, including the CIA and FBI, numerous defense contractors, financial entities and corporations including Sony. Never mind, Anonymous are still on the loose.


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Update on Baby Lisa Irwin

I must admit loons I have been trying to avoid writing about the Baby Lisa Irwin story.You know, the missing 11 month old bub from Missouri. I don’t like these stories because 99% of the time you pretty much know the outcome, and it is never good.I always hope it isn’t a parent behind the crime because there could be nothing worse than a mother taking the life of her own child but it usually is. Which leads me into the update. An FBI cadaver dog has detected the scent of a human body in the bedroom of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin after police obtained a search warrant. Evidently the parents refused consent for police to conduct a search (never good). Meanwhile several witnesses have come forward claiming they saw a man around 4am walking down the street with an infant near the Irwin’s home on the day of the disappearance. The mystery continues.



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Man Arrested Over Collar Bomb

Remember the Maddie Pulver “collar bomb” case in Sydney a few weeks back? Yeah, well, they have arrested a 50 year old man in Kentucky over it. NSW police have been working closely with the FBI to make the arrest. The man is believed to be an Australian bussinessman who commutes from Australia to the US. They have yet to release too many details but it appears to be an extortion plot and there is a link between the man and the Pulver family. Well that’s kind of embarrassing, dumbass didn’t even have a chance to list his demands.


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Could The Mystery of D.B. Cooper Finally Be Solved?

Remember the story I wrote about D.B.Cooper back in 2008? No? Well here it is here. OK, lazy bastards, don’t want to read it, fine! He’s the dude who hijacked a Northwest airline in 1971, demanded (and got) $200,000 , then parachuted out of the plane  over Washington  and was never seen or heard from again.  Oh, except for some tatty 20 dollar bills a hiker found a few years later.  Anywho, the FBI believe they have solved the case  and have a suspect. They are DNA testing items belonging to the man as we speak, to try and match it with DNA they found on a tie Cooper left on the plane before Geronimo-ing. The bigger bummer is the FBI aren’t revealing if the suspected D.B. Cooper is actually dead or alive.


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No More Lulz!!!

LOL, LulzSec deletes. The hackers who wreaked havoc on the net for the past few months have announced they are disbanding. Hmm, could this have something to do with the FBI?

Psst I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft have employed them…I’m just saying!!!


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Too Easy


OK here’s the thing mister Detroit  bank robber, make sure when you are robbing a bank you don’t wear the same clothes as your Facebook profile or you are gonna get caught. Some friggin tipster dobbed Anthony Wilson in after noticing the similarities between what he was wearing in the stick up shots and  his Facebook photos. Seriously, I would defriend the snitch !


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I Would Like To Report A Terrorist Please!

You owe a shit load of money to a business associate, what do you do? Hmm, contact the FBI and claim the associate is planning to blow up Time Square, that’s what! The Joint Terrorism Task Force then spent 5 months and  more than $1 million on a wild goose chase to unearth info about the terrorist plot. Syed Omair Ali, the fool, even wore a secret wire to record conversations with the associate in the hope he would say something damning. Brilliant! In the end the frustrated investigators confronted Ali and he cracked like a rotten egg. Hmm, that’s eight years in prison right there! Dumbass.


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