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Genetically Engineered Salmon

Sheez, and you thought genetically modified strawberries were enormous. Standby world, the FDA are seriously considering giving genetically engineered salmon the tick of approval. The company, AquaBounty Technologies, has been trying for 10 years to prove to the FDA their fish are safe for consumption and the environment. If successful it is believed a flood gate of other genetically engineered animals is expected to hit the market, including “enviropig”. The pig was engineered to produce less phosphorus pollution in it poop.


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FDA Warn Against Ear Candles

Crap! Granny's ear candling again!

Oh for anyone who doesn’t know…putting burning wax in your ears is dangerous. Thanks Food and Drug Administration, tragedy averted. Geez, duh! Yes, the FDA have released a warning against those dumbassed “ear candles”, you know the ones, where the fabric is soaked in beeswax, set on fire and whacked in your ear to let the wax drip down your canal. Instead, all you potential  human fireballs with waxed up ears, try warm olive oil , it works just the same except without the need of a fire extinguisher.

Psst Oh and when I mean “warm” oil I don’t mean igniting it for goodness sakes. Geez, what ever happened to “never putting anything larger than your elbow in your ear?”.


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Well It Wasn’t Red Bull

Don't know, something about a dead toad!

Don't know, something about a dead toad!

OK people, remember a few months back I reported about the unfortunate couple who found a dead mouse in their can of Diet Pepsi? Well, reports are in from the FDA and let me just say I would like to make a retraction, it was not a dead mouse at all. Nope, it was a friggin dead toad! The FDA have confirmed that the contents of the can did indeed contain remains of a living thing, either a frog or toad (well, they pretty much nailed the right weight loss formula!). Ewh, they also reported that the body mass of the toad was way too big to come out of the hole. Geez Louise, so that means whatever poor Mr Denegri swallowed was only like a limb or something! Pepsi are still claiming it was impossible for the creature to find it’s way into the can.

Psst Mr Denegri wasn’t available for comment, he was still barfing!


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