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The Latest Pill Panic

Try this

Oh for crying out loud people, stop buying friggin radiation pills. How many times do I have to say it, the disaster is in Japan, not America or Canada. Health agencies in California and Canada are warning people to stop buying potassium iodide as it’s “not a radiation antidote in general.” The fear that radiation could reach their shores and the fact no one believes a word any government says, has caused a mini-panic. One company has already sold out of 10,000 14 pill packs. Anywho, before you rush off to join the panic,  the tablets are solely designed to shield the thyroids from radioactive iodine. In other words IT BLOCKS NO OTHER TYPE OF RADIATION NOR PROTECTS ANY OTHER BODY PART. Oh and if you are over 40 you’re screwed, it won’t help ya! So if you are that concerned I suggest you ring up any old nuclear power plant near you and ask if they have any spare radiation suits.


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Fears Over Nuclear Reactors

OK, no need to panic people of Japan but if you happen to live near a nuclear power plant, run!!!! Despite official reports that the plants are not leaking radiation, following the whopper earthquake, US air force personnel have been spotted delivering coolant. That can’t be good! Hmm, seems the problem is if the level of water drops in the pumps at the Fukushima reactor and can no longer cool the uranium then they could have a Chernobyl on their hands! As if they haven’t suffered enough!  Residents living in a 3 km radius have been told to evacuate, just in case. Evacuate to where?

UPDATE : The amount of radiation has reached 1,000 time the normal level in No 1 reactor and it is feared they may have to release radioactive steam into the air to ease pressure build up. Evacuations are underway.

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Tax Free Witches

I'll get you my pretty and your dog too!!!

Well, well, well, those a scaredy cat then? Fortune tellers and witches in Romania can breathe  sigh of relief after politicians failed to pass a law forcing them to have to pay taxes. Seems the senators were scared shitless they would be cursed if they forced them to produce receipts, let alone make them accountable if their predictions proved crap.

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They Smell Fear

No honey, sweetie, darl, when you have a fear of monkeys just let it go. Dee Darwell,  who had a lifetime phobia about monkeys,  wanted to face her fears by visiting Monkey Island in Thailand. Unfortunately it ended in disaster when she was viciously attacked by a gang of Macaques. The attack happened after Ms Darwell sat down on a towel in the shade to get out of the heat. As soon as a nasty little primate spotted her, he grabbed her arm and sunk his teeth in and wouldn’t let go. With blood squirting from the wound it wasn’t long before more monkeys joined in the assault. A Thai boatman, who saw Darwell collapse, ran to her rescue and pried the primates off her body. Sheez, I am guessing she still has a phobia!


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