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Would You Like Fries With That?

Oh for the love of special sauce. A study in the UK has revealed that not one, not two but EVERY single McDonalds touchscreen menu they tested had faecal matter on it. In one case,  they found the potentially deadly staphylococcus bacteria. If you think about it, this was always going to happen. Just place the study on top of the pile below hotel TV remotes, escalator handrails and airline touchscreens. Thanks people, we are one touch away from potential death. WASH YOUR FRIGGIN HANDS, please.


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The Things They Don’t Tell You About Shopping Carts

Here’s something you won’t read on Wikileaks!  A new study has revealed 72% of shopping cart handles have friggin  fecal bacteria on them. In layman’s terms…that’s shit! Researchers believe there is more poop bacteria on the carts than in a bathrooms because no one friggin disinfects the carts. It also revealed that E Coli was on half the handles too! For goodness sakes wash your friggin hands people!


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