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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?

Hey, here’s a little drug cartel quiz for you. How many federal police have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez this year? OK, here’s a hint, Ciudad Juarez is in Mexico just across the Rio Grande river from El Paso, Texas ( a lucrative drug trafficking route). Hmm, if you said 20 you’d be right. The latest victim had his  head, legs and arms chopped off before being dumped outside a strip mall. The drug gang however were kind enough to leave a note on the body but police are refusing to reveal what it says. A gang war has been raging between the Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel for some time as they fight for control over the drug routes. Hmm, maybe people should stop taking drugs so the cartel people  can get real, respectable jobs? Drug cartels 1, police 0.


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Airplane Escorted By CF-18 Hornet fighter jets

Whoa, those jets are real fast ah!

Settle down people no need for alarm, the Cathay Pacific airplane escorted by CF-18 Hornet fighter jets has landed safely in Vancouver and there isn’t a bomb on board. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have completed a thorough check of the plane and they say they  found nothing.Hmm, how do they get them horses up the stairs and down those narrow aisles? The jets were scrambled after the Feds received info that there was a bomb on board.


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